Aespa’s NingNing Gains Attention For Her Savage Response To An “Inappropriate” Comment About Her Ideal Type On “Knowing Bros”

But not everyone agrees with the criticism the show is receiving!

Aespa‘s NingNing recently gained attention for her “savage” response to a comment on Knowing Bros. Yet, while many have attacked the show for the comment deemed inappropriate for such a young idol, others have very different views.

Aespa’s NingNing | @imnotningning/Instagram

Aespa recently appeared on an episode of the variety show Knowing Bros. 

Aespa’s Karina, NingNing, and Winter on the way to filming. Giselle was absent during the schedule

As always, the episode was full of memorable moments, but one particularly caught the attention of fans, but not in a good way.

During the show, NingNing was asked about her ideal type, and when she explained that she doesn’t look at someone’s appearance. At first, the cast seemed to think she was lying.

Then, Super Junior‘s Heechul randomly pointed to fellow Knowing Bros cast member Kim Young Chul and explained that he has the best personality of all the cast, linking to NingNing’s statement.

NingNing then hilariously responded, “Really?” and when Young Chul said, “Yeah,” the idol just nonchalantly just replied, “So.”

While NingNing gained attention for the clip, a lot of the reactions from fans were seen to criticize the show and both Heechul and Young Chul for their inappropriate comments to the young idols, especially since Young Chul is 48 years old.

On the other side, the criticism from some netizens was met with backlash from long-time fans of the show.

Many explained that the show is scripted, and NingNing would’ve been aware of what the cast was going to say. It has been a longstanding thought from netizens that fourth-generation girl groups shouldn’t appear on the show, as the comments on the show are always taken out of context.

One even shared that aespa has never had anything but praise for Heechul and his attitude towards the members since they debuted.

The show has come under fire in the past, especially when new girl groups have appeared on the show. While some of the comments might seem inappropriate, the nature of the show is scripted, and they wouldn’t air something that the idols feel uncomfortable with.

You can read more about netizens defending the show from criticism below.

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