Aespa’s Ningning Shocks Fans With The Severity Of Her Eye Injury

Ningning shared that she previously had surgery when she was younger.

Fans were thrilled when aespa‘s Ningning was announced as the cover star of the March edition of VOGUE+ China. She showed off her beautiful visuals in a series of shots along with her cover story.

aespa’s Ningning | Vogue+ China
| Vogue+ China
| Vogue+ China

As part of her VOGUE+ cover shoot, she was interviewed by the magazine in a special “In The Bag” interview, where she gave fans a look into what is in her bag.

The star showed off run-of-the-mill items, including scrunchies, facemasks, and several perfumes. She also hilariously figured out that she had lost her AirPods yet again.

While going through a smaller toiletries-type bag, she pulled out some eye drops and explained why she carried them. According to Ningning, she carries them because her “eyesight is not very good” and she underwent eye surgery when she was younger.

She continued, revealing that she can “barely see anything” from her right eye, which she had previously kept a secret.

Many fans were unaware that Ningning suffered such severe vision loss and were very concerned with how vision loss can make one sensitive to light. Being an idol, Ningning is exposed to harsh lighting on stage and during events like airport departures and arrivals.

Ningning often wears sunglasses to aiport arrivals and departures.

Fans also noticed that in her drawings, Ningning would sometimes draw an X over the right eye of the characters with faces. These drawings have taken on a new meaning for fans, as well.

The face on Ningning’s shoe has an X over its right eye.

Overall, fans are proud of Ningning for being the amazing idol that she is and wish her nothing but good health!