Aespa Ningning’s Newest Social Media Account Sparks Mixed Reactions — Fans Express Concern

“I feel like I’ve watched this movie before.”

Korean aespa fans had mixed reactions after Ningning opened a Weibo account.

Ningning | @imnotningning/Instagram

On June 11, Ningning opened a personal Weibo account, which she promoted in a video uploaded to the account. The account follows other personal social media accounts opened by aespa’s members.

| @NINGx2宁艺卓/Weibo

Although fans are thrilled that aespa members will be able to communicate directly with fans, some were worried that Ningning’s new Weibo account might be a signal that the member will soon focus on promoting in China.

Ningning’s Weibo account | @NINGx2宁艺卓/Weibo

Chinese K-Pop idols promoting in their home country is nothing new, as idols such as WJSN‘s Cheng Xiao and f(x)‘s Victoria all have made successful transitions in China.

Cheng Xiao | @chengxiao_0715/Instagram
Victoria | @victoria02_02/Instagram

While Korean fans are undoubtedly happy for the idols, many couldn’t help but feel disappointed that the idols have rarely promoted in Korea since focusing on their Chinese promotions.

Cheng Xiao has successfully transitioned over to China (poster for her drama) | 

Some netizens reportedly expressed their concerns in online communities, writing that they feared Ningning’s Weibo account meant they would soon see less of the beloved idol. Still, many other netizens reportedly felt concerns were premature and that their fears were unfounded.

  • “Does this mean she will promote in China?”
  • “Honestly, wouldn’t she feel more comfortable promoting in China? It might be better for her to do so.”
  • “I feel like I’ve watched this movie before.”
  • “This reminds me of f(x)’s Victoria.”
  • “This is a well-traveled path for Chinese idols.”
  • “Why can’t she open a Weibo account? What’s wrong with you guys.”
  • “I am sure her label has given their permission.”
  • “Why are you guys making a fuss about her making a Weibo account? Seriously, you guys are hopeless.”

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