Aespa’s Outfits And Styling At A Recent Givenchy Event Receives Mixed Reactions From Netizens

“Why does it look like they’re all at different events?”

Since debuting, aespa has become one of the most talked about girl groups in K-Pop. As the newest SM Entertainment group, the members have gained attention for their talent, visuals, and charming personality wherever they go.

Members of aespa | @aespa_official/Twitter

In particular, with their growing influence, it isn’t surprising that the group has been highly sought after to represent some of the biggest global brands.

Back in February 2021, it was announced that the rookie group (at the time) had become ambassadors for the global brand Givenchy. Since then, the members have shined at various events and photoshoots to showcase the brand.

| @aespa_official/Twitter

| @aespa_official/Twitter

On September 16 (KST), the group Instagram posted pictures of the members at a Givenchy store for a schedule.

The members all showcased their dazzling visuals in completely contrasting outfits and looked effortless amongst the designer goods surrounding them.

| @aespa_official/Instagram

| @aespa_official/Instagram

Yet, despite their dazzling visuals, netizens had mixed reactions to the outfits worn by the members. Some pointed out that the more “experimental” looks where signature designs from the brand and that, despite the unique designs, the members pulled off the various looks perfectly.

Others pointed out that there was no cohesion between the looks, and aespa looked much better when they dressed in their own choices. In particular, after looking after the individual looks, many shared their concerns about the way each member was dressed.

Youngest member NingNing had a badass theme going on, but the different parts of the outfit didn’t work for netizens. They believed the lack of color and diversity in the look didn’t allow her visuals to shine, with many adding that it looked like something out of a horror movie.

Aespa’s Giselle

Winter and Karina had brighter outfits, but for netizens, they seemed like outfits from two completely different concepts. While Winter’s look seemed more casual and something to wear out and about, Winter’s was more experimental and seemed like the main event of a modern fashion show.

Aespa’s Winter

Aespa’s Karina

It was Giselle‘s look that confused netizens the most, with many saying the brand did her dirty. While the other members were deemed to have “fashionable” looks, many thought Giselle looked as if she was going to work or a professional meeting with bland and muted designs and colors.

Aespa’s Giselle

The members of aespa are all beautiful and their visuals shine, yet netizens believe the outfits in no way did them justice and that they didn’t look comfortable at all.

You can read more about times netizens have had mixed opinions on aespa’s styling.

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