Aespa’s Outfits Are Displayed In A Museum But The Sizes Are So Small, They Used Child-Sized Mannequins

Holy crap 😱

Recently, a Facebook page dedicated to K-Pop idol news uploaded a series of photos of stage outfits that were once worn by aespa members. The stunning cream-based outfits were displayed in front of a picture of the girls wearing the corresponding outfits.

Aespa’s outfits on display | @아이돌이슈/Facebook

Here is Ningning‘s gorgeous off-the-shoulder ensemble with the matching boots…

Aespa’s Ningning | KBS2, Facebook

…and Giselle‘s stunning outfit that is worthy to be in a Disney princess movie.

Aespa’s Giselle | KBS2, Facebook

Karina wore this halter neck minidress to show off her perfect figure…

Aespa’s Karina | KBS2, Facebook

…while Winter wore this cool long-sleeve number to match her cool personality.

Aespa’s Winter | KBS2, Facebook

However, according to the caption left by the Facebook post, there was something special about the display of aespa’s outfits that created quite a stir online. According to the original poster of the photos, the mannequins that were used at the museum to display the stunning outfits—were child-sized mannequins.

Adult female mannequin (left) versus child mannequin (right) | Amazon

Given that the members’ ages range from 19-21 (international age), it was hard for netizens to comprehend aespa’s extremely petite frames. They quickly shared their shock with one another on an online community.

| theqoo
  • “After seeing the words ‘child mannequin,’ I had a hard time focusing on the clothes…ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ”
  • “Wow, how skinny do they have to be;;;;;”
  • “Their frames must be really small…”
  • “They are f*cking skinny humans.”
  • “They keep getting skinnier…it’s like they want model-like physiques these days.”
  • “Wow, they’re extremely tiny…”
Aespa performing on “Music Bank” in the outfits | KBS2

We knew our favorite K-Pop artists were slim, but these child-sized museum displays only proved the extent of how skinny idols truly are. We hope that they are able to focus on their health in the midst of their dieting and exercise.

Source: WikiTree and theqoo


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