Aespa Personally Requested Yoo Young Jin To Make A Song Inspired By Girls’ Generation

It’s Yoo Young Jin’s signature style, but with an aespa twist!

Aespa took a note from their SM Entertainment seniors for the opening track on their first mini album!

Giselle, Winter, Karina, and Ningning. | @aespa_official/Twitter

During an interview with Jaejae on her show MMTG, aespa discussed some viral moments of theirs and also the process of creating their album.

Jaejae (left) with aespa. | @happy_jae_jae/Instagram

Winter helped Jaejae learn how to sing with a Yoo Young Jin style, since Yoo Young Jin is the vocal director for many of SM Entertainment’s top vocalists including Winter. Winter is even referred to as Yoo Young Jin’s daughter since her vocals fit his style perfectly!

| MMTG/YouTube 

Jaejae suddenly started singing “Beautiful Girls,” a song by Girls’ Generation featuring Yoo Young Jin released in 2010. In the intro, Yoo Young Jin sings each of the members’ names.

Winter asked if Jaejae had heard their b-side tracks yet, and Jaejae said she hadn’t gotten the chance to yet. The members then explained that they actually asked Yoo Young Jin if it was possible to make them a song similar to “Beautiful Girls!”

| MMTG/YouTube 

He ended up fulfilling aespa’s wish, which Winter said felt like a total “Dreams come true” moment. Karina specified that their intro song “aenergy” — which combines “aespa” with “energy” — is the song inspired by Girls’ Generation.

| MMTG/YouTube 

They compared it also to SHINee‘s song “The SHINee World (Doo-Bop)” which has a similar format, except each member also gets a little descriptor. For example, Minho‘s is “flaming charisma!”

In “aenergy,” the members of aespa have a similar style. Karina is “Rocket Puncher,”

| MMTG/YouTube 

Winter’s is “armamenter,”

| MMTG/YouTube 

Giselle‘s line says, “Giselle got Xenoglossy,”

| MMTG/YouTube 

and Ningning‘s the “E.d Hacker!”

| MMTG/YouTube 

Karina and Winter said “aenergy” was the perfect mix of Minho’s “flaming charisma” and Girls’ Generation’s “Beautiful Girls!” Check out the song below.

And check out the full video of aespa on MMTG too!

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