Aespa Gets Praised For Their Astounding Live Vocals During Music Show Encore

They killed it.

Girl group aespa is on fire lately. Not only did they score a first place win less than a year after debut, they immediately became a hot topic when their encore performance for Music Core dropped. While it has long been known that the girl are amazingly talented, many did not expect them to slay this hard.

As aespa often sings with a backing track or even simply lip-syncs due to their insanely rigorous choreography, fans were curious as to how their live singing would sound. Sure enough, they did not disappoint. After watching the encore, netizens began to pour out praise for the girls.

  • “All 4 are exactly the same as the digital track and once Winter began to properly sing, she pierced right through the AR backing.”
  • “Their voices are very refreshing.”
  • “They’re damn good. If you watch the fancams, you can hear them even better. My faves also use AR tracks around the same extent as them. And you can hear their voices pierce through the AR so you can hear when it’s live. Music Core also normally uses AR.”
  • Winter is amazing.”
  • NingNing is for real.”
  • “The kids really don’t have much difference from the digital track so I guess people are less inclined to believe them. Haven’t they already proven their vocal skills with this much? Although they are singing while standing still or if they don’t dance rigorously during the encore, so what? The fact that they sing well doesn’t change. For those that are insisting that the encore was MR backed, I guess they’re doing so well that you can’t tell.”


Be sure to catch the girls’ latest track, “Savage” to show some love.

Source: theqoo