Aespa Really Want Personal Instagram Accounts, Will SM Entertainment Grant Their Wishes?

“They think we might mess something up.”

In the first episode of the newest HANBAM YouTube series, Idol Complaint Manager Hur, featuring the talented girl group aespa, the members didn’t shy away from expressing their grievances. Among their list of complaints, a standout request was their desire to have personal Instagram accounts. As fans eagerly await SM Entertainment‘s response, let’s delve into the details of this surprising revelation.

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The episode was already set to be a hit when, soon after entering the room, both Karina and Winter admitted to having numerous complaints. But the fun that ensued after the four members started listing them out couldn’t have been predicted by anyone.

Complaints? There’s a lot of them.

— aespa’s Winter

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Among other quibbles with the company, Winter mentioned the wish to have personal Instagram accounts. This confession instantly captured the attention of fans and sparked curiosity about the reasoning behind SM Entertainment’s decision.

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Young Ji inquired whether the girls already had individual accounts, to which they responded with a resounding “No.” It was then mentioned that aespa only possesses an official account, leaving them yearning for a more personal online presence. The conversation continued, with Young Ji questioning why SM Entertainment has not allowed the girls to have personal accounts. Ningning chimed in, expressing her confusion and desire for clarity on the matter.

Young Ji: Then why aren’t they allowing you guys to make one?aes

Ningning: I know right? Why aren’t you letting us to make one?

Young Ji: I also can’t understand them. There’s a routine for K-pop idols. They first make an official account. And then they make their own accounts on their 7th year of debut. Why is that?

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Young Ji’s discussion of the typical K-Pop idols social media routine prompted the aespa members to question the rationale behind SM Entertainment’s hesitancy.  Giselle and Karina expressed their desire for more freedom, highlighting the inconsistency in the company’s approach.

Karina: They think we might mess something up.

Giselle: But if that’s the case, they should stop us from live streaming as well.

Karina: We shouldn’t be on live shows.

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Young Ji then suggested that aespa create private accounts, offering a compromise that could alleviate the concerns of both the members and the company. To this, Ningning hilariously revealed that the girls already have private accounts! Ninging’s reveal was rewarded with laughter from everyone in the room.

Young Ji highlighted the challenges that arise when idols initially create their own social media accounts but then struggle to provide regular updates. This inconsistency can lead to frustration for both fans and idols themselves. The pressure to maintain a strong online presence becomes apparent, highlighting the complexity of the situation. Thus, the host called upon aespa’s level to take better care of communication between the artists.

Is SM entertainment watching? Please take care of communications between the artists as well. Thank you.

— Hur Young Ji

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