Aespa Set New Girl Group Record With Over 1.6 Million Pre-Orders For Their Comeback Album “Girls”

It’s another record for aespa.

Aespa has surpassed over 1.6 million pre-orders for their comeback album Girls, setting a new record for K-Pop girl groups.

According to a press release shared by SM Entertainment, aespa has set the new girl group record for album pre-orders with 1,610,517 copies on pre-order as of July 7. Aespa will be releasing Girls on July 8 at 1pm KST. The previous record was held by BLACKPINK‘s THE ALBUM with 1,028,888 copies on pre-order.

The album will include six new songs: “Girls”, both English and Korean versions of “Life’s Too Short”, “Illusion”, “Lingo”, and “ICU (쉬어가도 돼)”. On top of that, aespa’s previously released songs “Black Mamba”, “Forever”, and “Dreams Come True” will be included as bonus tracks so there will be a total of nine songs on the album.

The group expressed their surprise and thanks for the record-breaking pre-order amount.

We were surprised and excited to hear that pre-orders for our second mini-alubm ‘Girls’ exceeded 1.61 million copies. We worked hard to prepare for this album as much as you waited a long time for it, and we feel overwhelmed to set a new record right from the start. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts and we will be a group that shows better performances and brings better music.

— aespa

Aespa will hold a Comeback Live show at 8pm KST on July 11 through YouTube and TikTok.

Source: Xportnews