Aespa Gets Exclusive Access To A “Secret Handbook” Of Vocal Tips From An Iconic SM Entertainment Girl Group Member

We’d love a peek inside that handbook!

The aespa members are naturally talented singers, but their secret handbook from another SM Entertainment idol has helped them become even more powerful vocalists!

aespa | @hourlygiselle/Twitter

The members recently sat down with Billboard to discuss their album, Savage, and they answered questions about everything from the album’s concept to how they felt about making it onto Billboard Global Charts.

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During the interview, the members were asked which “Next Level” cover was the “most memorable.” 

Ningning said she remembers Bada‘s cover of “Next Level” the best.

Bada was the leader, main vocalist, and main dancer of S.E.S., SM Entertainment’s first-ever girl group, so it’s no wonder that Ningning distinctly remembers Bada covering “Next Level!”

Bada | @bada0228/Instagram

Ningning also mentioned that people said her voice was similar to Bada’s and said being compared to Bada was a “great honor.”

Karina chimed in to share that Bada gives the aespa members helpful feedback on their vocals to help them become even stronger singers. Bada also shares tips she used to practice and develop her own voice.

Karina also revealed that Bada showed them a “secret handbook” full of vocal tips and gave them lots of feedback on how to study singing and improve as vocalists.

Considering how strong of a vocalist Bada is, the handbook is sure to help aespa become even stronger powerhouses than they already are!

Check out the full video below.