S.E.S’s Bada Covers Aespa’s “Next Level” And Netizens Think This Member Sounds Just Like Her

“Bada is truly ‘Next Level!'”

“Next Level” by aespa is still dominating the minds of fans and artists! The latest idol to cover the song is none other than Bada, the leader of SM Entertainment‘s first ever girl group, S.E.S.

Bada is a singer and actress known for being the leader of S.E.S. | @bada0228/Instagram

The singer is known for her powerful voice and was even cast by Lee Soo Man in 1996 when he heard her sing at her performing arts school.

S.E.S. debuted in 1997. (Left to right: Shoo, Bada, and Eugene.)

S.E.S. are considered to be one of the first successful girl groups in South Korea. After their disbandment, Bada continued her career as a solo artist as well as musical actor!

| @bada0228/Instagram

Bada posted her cover of “Next Level” to her YouTube channel and wrote a comment expressing her love for her hoobaes (juniors).

Hello. It’s BADA. ^^ I was able to take part in aespa hoobaenims cool song, which you have requested in the comments. They’re a group that I personally like. As an SM Entertainment sunbae, I poured out my love into it. It was fun singing along to Young Jin oppa‘s song for the first time in awhile. I hope you enjoy listening to it. aespa hwaiting!!

— Bada

Netizens are loving the cover and are comparing Bada’s voice to aespa’s Ningning!

Left to right: Winter, Ningning, Karina, and Giselle.

Ningning gained the nickname “Baby Bada” ever since her debut teaser video was posted. Netizens said her voice reminded them of Bada’s, with similar tone and style.

Ningning is the main vocalist of aespa. | @aespa_official/Instagram

Many commented that Ningning is like Bada’s lost daughter. And there’s even rumors that Bada herself trained Ningning since their singing styles are so similar!

| @aespa_official/Instagram

This fan-made video puts Ningning’s and Bada’s covers of “Ave Maria” side by side so fans can enjoy hearing their voices together.

MYs believe that Ningning is well on her way to becoming a well-known vocal powerhouse just like Bada and other SM Entertainment artists before her! During a radio show appearance, Ningning said that it was an honor to be compared to Bada.

She also sang a snippet of S.E.S.’s “I’m Your Girl!”

Check out Bada’s full cover of “Next Level” below!


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