Aespa Show Off Variegated Charms In Latest CLIO Advertisement

As always, they look phenomenal!

Uber popular girl group aespa became the ambassadors for cosmetic brand CLIO last fall, and they already made waves with their stunning photo shoot for the brand.

aespa for CLIO

On February 13th, CLIO released a new clip to their YouTube channel showcasing the girls’ beauty!

aespa in latest ad | 클리오 CLIO/YouTube

All of the girls show off their charms in different settings. NingNing, for example, shows off her creative and colorful side as she goes wild with paint.

NingNing | 클리오 CLIO/YouTube

Meanwhile Winter flexes more of a cool and serious demeanor while practicing dance.

Winter | 클리오 CLIO/YouTube

Karina shows off her bubbly side taking plenty of gorgeous selfies.

Karina | 클리오 CLIO/YouTube

And Giselle displays a more mellow elegance when she jams out to music with her headphones.

Giselle | 클리오 CLIO/YouTube

The theme of the whole ad is expressing individuality, and they capture it perfectly with all the various sides they show in the video.

| 클리오 CLIO/YouTube

It goes without saying that all of the girls look totally fabulous. Our only regret is that the commercial clip isn’t longer so that we can admire their beauty even more!

Source: CLIO