Aespa Exposes Each Other’s Weird Sleeping Habits — And Things Get Chaotic

Who kisses in their sleep? 😂

Recently, the members of aespa answered questions from fans in a Q&A with Allure Korea where they exposed some hilarious stories about each other! When asked about their funny sleeping habits, they spoke about each member, starting from Ningning.

Karina revealed some of Ningning’s most notable sleeping habits: Her eyes are open, she has a sad expression on her face, and the most hilarious of all caught everyone by surprise!

Sometimes she kisses while she sleeps. It’s like she’s in a movie. What a variety!

— Karina

The whole thing is totally adorable to aespa.

However, Ningning fired right back at Karina with her own knowledge of what she does in her sleep! Since Ningning sleeps later, she’s awake to see Karina’s super cute habit.

According to Ningning, she pouts and even does aegyo in her sleep!

Giselle revealed that Winter does a lot of twitching in her sleep, referring to her as the “Popping Queen.”

Meanwhile, Giselle is no stranger to some funny sleep habits!

She screamed like an emergency! … I wonder what she was dreaming. I was curious!

— Winter

Check out their full interview below!