SM Entertainment Under Fire Over aespa’s Upcoming Album

“What are they doing?”

SM Entertainment is facing criticism over their planned release of aespa‘s English album.

Aespa | SM Entertainment

On November 8, SM Entertainment released their plans for the first quarter of 2024.

Here Are SM Entertainment’s Artist Plans For The First Quarter Of 2024

The label released a lineup of planned concerts as well as music releases. SM Entertainment revealed they intended to release new projects for EXO‘s Suho, Red Velvet‘s Wendy, and RIIZE, among others. Most notably, the label revealed plans for an aespa  English full-length album.

It didn’t take long for Korean fans to criticize the plan. The criticism mainly stems from the fact that the popular idol group, which debuted in 2020, has yet to release a Korean full-length album.

Many fans took to Twitter to voice their displeasure with the label’s plans and called out SM Entertainment for not releasing a full-length Korean album.

Aespa’s full-length and single in the first quarter… Bring it… But a full-length English album?

— @lol_footprints/Twitter

Sigh, WTF do they mean, English full-length album? They don’t even have a Korean full-length album.

— @jjabdago/Twitter

  • “Sigh, are they crazy? What are they doing?” — @winter_mj/Twitter
  • “Ah, everything would have been fine if they didn’t reveal plans for the English full-length album. The crazies are lit right now after hearing the news.” — @karining_0411/Twitter

English full-length album, my @ss.

— @minmaen9wt/Twitter

It’s dumbfounding to hear the words English Full-Length Album… They’ve only released mini-albums in Korea and have never had a Korean full-length album.

— @my_life_aespa/Twitter

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