The aespa Members Spotted Supporting ITZY In Their “BORN TO BE” Seoul Concert

This intergroup friendship 🥰

Top girl groups ITZY and aespa have the most supportive friendship ever!

ITZY and aespa

On February 24 and 25, the “Mr. Vampire” singers held their 2nd World Tour, BORN TO BE. They made it a night to remember with performances of songs like “RACER,” “KIDDING ME,” “SWIPE,” and “WANNABE.”

Out of the many people who filled the arena, two aespa members were present for Day 1—Karina and Giselle.

When they were spotted in the crowd supporting the JYP Entertainment girl group, they flashed peace signs and heart poses.

They tried to hide from the camera, but they soon realized it was fruitless. The ITZY members were so excited to see them. Yeji and Ryujin cutely shouted “Jimin-ah” and “Jimin unnie,” Karina’s birth name.

In response, she sweetly told them they worked hard. As a K-Pop idol herself, she is fully aware how tiring preparing for a concert is.

Then much to the excitement of fans, Winter was spotted amidst the crowd on Day 2. Despite discretely wearing a mask and cap, it was obvious who she was.

Ningning is currently attending Fashion Week 2024 for Versace, otherwise there’s no doubt she would have also been supporting ITZY from the crowd!

The friendship between the two groups is truly heartwarming.

This isn’t the first time groups from different companies supported their friends’ concerts. For example, see how star-studded BLACKPINK‘s “BORN PINK” concert in Seoul was below.

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