aespa Talks About The Moment It Finally Felt Like They Successfully Debuted

This was the moment they felt like they’d successfully made their debut!

Power rookie group aespa reveal what made their debut finally hit home for them!

| @aespa_official/ Twitter

The newly-debuted girl group appeared on SBS‘s Kim Young Chul’s Power FM and talked about tons of interesting topics, from their personal to their professional lives!

While talking about their debut, one of the questions asked to them was,

Has it hit you yet, that you’ve finally debuted?

—Kim Young Chul

To this, Karina revealed the incident where for the first time, it hit them that they’d actually managed to debut successfully!

“At our office, there’s a stairway in the center. And there’s also a screen where it plays all our sunbaenim‘s MVs. When we go for practice, we see our MV there!


Kim Young Chul praised them, saying they must be extremely proud to have their MV now up on the screen!

Before it was BoA, Super Junior! And now you’re walking with pride!

—Kim Young Chul

As SM Entertainment‘s newest girl group, these girls are killing it!

| SM Entertainment

Watch the whole interview here, from 9:18 onwards!