Aespa Reveals They Were Trained For A Long Time To Fit Their AI-Based Storyline

They also shared how aespa became an 8-member group through this training!

At the time of their debut, Aespa created a stir for their innovative AI concept, and now the members have revealed just how dedicated they were to portray this concept to the best of their abilities!

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aespa recently held an online press conference for the release of their comeback single, “Next Level”, and talked about their unique storyline concept! With regards to their storyline and concept, Winter shared how the group was able to shine in their own special way!

Through the storyline, we are able to have our own unique color and style so we are really happy and are looking forward to our future activities.



Giselle also talked about their concept, and hinted at a continuation of their elaborate storyline!

The next story after ‘Next Level’ will continue to unfold so please stay tuned for it.



Karina then revealed that the members have been trained for a long time with this storyline in mind, and shared how hard they worked to study their new concept!

We’ve received training for this for a long time. We had to understand the concept in order to promote it so we educated ourselves on the aespa storyline as if we were taking classes.

We are currently in a state of complete understanding.



And their hard work eventually paid off, with Karina adding that they were so in tune with the concept that she thought of them as an eight member group.

“Ae and aespa opens the force and enters the real world. We spend time together during those moments. They were created based on our data so we are able to understand each other well even if we don’t work together.

We are an eight-member girl group.



“Next Level” is a hip-hop dance track and will be a remake of the original soundtrack for the movie Fast and Furious: Hobbs & Shaw, and was released on May 17, 2021.

Watch the MV for “Next Level” here!

Source: Newsen and Celuv Media