Aespa Unveils Brand New English Song, “Life’s Too Short,” Captivating The Crowd At Coachella Weekend Two

The unreleased track is said to be on their upcoming album!

Highlighting the second weekend of Coachella 2022, as part of 88rising’s “Head in the Clouds Forever” showcase, K-Pop girl group aespa made their debut on the main stage Saturday, April 23.

| Ivan Meneses/R&CPMK

Captivating the crowd with live performances of their greatest hits like “Black Mamba” and “Next Level,” aespa wowed the audience!

| Ivan Meneses/R&CPMK

The best part of the girl group’s unforgettable Coachella debut, though, was when the members surprised their fans with a brand new never-heard-before track, “Life’s Too Short.”

This next song is about staying true to yourself.
Life’s too short for hate!

— aespa

The “English version” of the unreleased track, said to be on their upcoming album, had K-Pop fans ecstatic—especially with the lyrics that are, of course, on brand with aespa’s sexy, sassy, and savage vibe!

| Ivan Meneses/R&CPMK

I’m doing me regardless and I don’t care what you say about it.
And it don’t matter if you like it or not, I’m having all this fun.
So why would I ever stop?

Some people are so mean, all behind a phone screen.
But we tryna live our lives, why you gotta be so vicious?
Just be about your business instead of getting up in mine.
You need to get away, because life’s too short!

— aespa’s “Life’s Too Short”

ICYMI: 88rising’s Head in the Clouds Forever showcase, featuring aespa’s electrifying debut, can be streamed on the Coachella YouTube channel.

Source: RollingStone