Aespa Picks The Most Meaningful Achievements Out Of Their “Monster Rookie” Year

What a way to debut!

Ever since aespa’s debut in November 2020, the group has been making significant waves throughout K-Pop. The achievements they’ve made in their first year alone have earned them the coveted nickname of “monster rookies”, and they show no signs of stopping as their “Savage” comeback approaches.

aespa | Vogue Singapore

With it being almost a year since the group debuted, Vogue Singapore decided to ask, “what’s the most exciting moment to date for aespa?”

Ningning (left) & Winter (right) | Vogue Singapore

Winter answered the question for the group but couldn’t narrow it down to just one moment as “many moments come to mind.”

Her first big moment was “winning the Rookie of the Year Award at the 30th Seoul Music Awards.” This was one of the first major awards the group won and set them on the right path leading into 2021.

The second moment mentioned was “being top on the music chart with ‘Next Level’.” This song not only got the group their first music show win but cemented them into K-Pop history as they joined the elite group of songs proven catchy enough to be banned during the Korean college entrance exams.

The final moment Winter chose was the group’s most recent achievement.

This opportunity to be shot and interviewed for Vogue Singapore’s first anniversary has also been really special for us.


aespa’s cover for Vogue Singapore | Vogue Singapore

The group has already achieved so much in their rookie year; we can’t wait to see where they go from here!

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Source: Vogue Singapore