Here’s aespa Giselle’s Favorite Fashion Moment Out Of All The Group’s Comebacks 

She has so many looks to choose from!

Ever since aespa’s debut with “Black Mamba”, the rookie group has been taking the world by storm. With their excellent singing and cool dance moves, the group is on the cutting edge. One other element the group is known for is their fierce sense of fashion.

aespa | aespa/Facebook

They recently made their magazine cover debut on Vogue Singapore, and while there, they answered some questions about their history and upcoming comeback, “Savage”.

aespa | Vogue Singapore

It was inevitable that one of the members would be asked about “aespa’s relationship with fashion,” so Giselle answered the question.

Giselle | Vogue Singapore

She began by explaining the group’s specific perspective on fashion.

Each member has their own distinct style—when we are off-stage, we have our own outfits and preferences. However, generally, when we perform, we like to align our outfits with the concept or theme of our music.


Giselle (Left) & Karina (Right) | Vogue Singapore

Giselle then decided to add a bit more detail for her MYs. She put her personal touch to the question by sharing her favorite fashion moment.

It wasn’t “Black Mamba’s” tech-inspired wear.

Giselle | aespa/Facebook

It wasn’t “Next Level’s” hip all denim outfit.

Giselle | aespa/Facebook

It wasn’t even her cool promotional look for this upcoming comeback.

Giselle | aespa/Facebook

My favourite outfit so far is a pink two-piece dress which my stylist put together for me. I wore this during our album cover shoot. I love that the skirt is engraved with a phrase in French—look for it in the music video!


Giselle (center left), rocking her favorite look. | aespa/Facebook

We can’t wait to see this look on Giselle and what else this comeback may bring for her. To read more from this interview with Vogue Singapore, check out the article below:

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Source: Vogue Singapore