Here Are The Reasons Why aespa Knew They Were Meant For The Music Industry From An Early Age

We can’t imagine K-Pop without them!

While aespa may still be a rookie group, their achievements so far make them feel like they’ve been in the industry for way longer. This may be why Vogue Singapore decided to give the girls a chance to reflect on their time in the music industry up until now by asking them, “How did you know you wanted to be in the music industry?”

aespa | @voguesingapore/Instagram

Karina was the first to share her inspiration and revealed that she had always been musically inclined. Still, it wasn’t until she saw performers on television that she decided music could be for her.

Since I was little, I gravitated to playing instruments such as the piano, guitar and flute. Whenever I saw people singing and dancing on television, I was enamoured and energised by it—they looked happy and like they were having a great time.


Karina in high school |

After she decided that music was the right path for her, Karina gave idol life a shot and joined SM Entertainment.

I thought to myself, I really want to be able to give off the same energy. After I joined SM Entertainment, I practised harder and longer than anyone else, which led to the opportunity to become a singer.


Karina in her “Savage” promo photo | aespa/Facebook

Winter had a similar story to Karina’s. She also shared that “I’ve always had respect for singers I see on television.”

Winter (Kim Minjeong) ‘s School photo |

This respect turned into inspiration for Winter, “I wanted to be able to sing like them and become someone who is a bright light like they are, and one who embodies hope.”

Winter in her “Savage” promo photo | aespa/Facebook

Giselle’s path was a bit different from her members. She admitted that “Even when I didn’t know that music could directly affect me, I was always passionate about music.” She even said, “it was my only driving force.”

Giselle’s iconic yearbook quote and photo

Similarly to Winter, this love for music was something Giselle wanted to share with others which is why she chose to join the industry.

Music has helped me a lot, which is why I wanted to pass that same motivation and joy to others—not just in terms of lyrics, but also when it comes to sound, style and vibe.


Giselle in her “Savage” promo photo | aespa/Facebook

While Ningning didn’t deliver an answer this time around, we are sure she’ll answer this kind of question and more like it during the group’s upcoming “Savage” comeback. To see more from the group’s Vogue Singapore interview, check out the article below:

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