Here’s How aespa Has Been Working Hard To Maintain Their Title Of Monster Rookies Since “Next Level”

“Savage” is sure to be an incredible comeback with all this work they put in!

It’s been a little less than a year since aespa debuted, and already the group has rightfully lived up to the name of “monster rookies.” Already, the group has reached the top of the charts, gotten their first music show win, and had their first song banned during Korea’s SATs.

aespa’s “Next Level” promotional art | aespa/Facebook

The group attributes this success, in part, to their skills as all-rounders. While being interviewed by Vogue Singapore in the leadup to their “Savage” comeback, they were asked which of these “all-rounder” skills they’re “particularly drawn to?”

aespa on the cover of Vogue Singapore | Vogue Singapore

 Karina was the first to answer the question, and she began by explaining that “These days, I’ve been into dancing.

Karina | aespa/Facebook

She added she is improving herself “by poring through videos.” She added that “It’s my belief that I should give my best effort in all that I do to try and be a genuine all-rounder.” 

Karina | aespa/Facebook

Giselle was the next to add her area of expertise, saying, “For me, it’s about rapping and singing.” She even added that she is working on expanding her creative skills, saying, “I am always writing lyrics or humming songs.”

Giselle | aespa/Facebook

While Giselle may be the group’s main rapper, she also has an excellent singing voice that she is continuing to work on.

In the past, I felt like my voice was only suitable for R&B and soft ballads. Now, I am trying to adapt my voice to singing more rock and rock ballads.


Giselle | aespa/Facebook

Winter is known for her skills as an all-rounder, and based on her answer, it appears as if she is expanding her horizons. “I love dancing, and I’m attracted to expressing something with my body, not just my voice,” she said.

Winter | aespa/Facebook

She then added that “I would like to explore more varied dance styles in the future,” showing a real dedication to honing her craft during her career.

Winter | aespa/Facebook

As the group’s maknae, Ningning may have had the least to say for this question, but her answer suggests some new skills MYs might not expect.

I have been singing for a long time, but I also enjoy dancing, especially hip-hop, so I have also ventured into rapping.


Ningning | aespa/Facebook

With her skills as a main vocalist combined with dance and rap, Ningning would definitely be an unstoppable all-rounder.

Ningning | aespa/Facebook

We can’t wait to see aespa bring all these skills to their upcoming “Savage” comeback. To read more about the song’s first comeback stage, check out the article below:

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