Aespa’s Winter Proves She’s A Humble Queen By Wearing Clothes From The “Shein” Of Korea

We stan a relatable legend!

Winter from aespa knows she doesn’t have to break the bank to look expensive!

Fans were surprised when they noticed some of her clothes are actually from Ably and Zigzag, fast fashion brands that are similar to Shein and Yesstyle.

Trendy pieces can be found for inexpensive prices on these websites, but they sometimes have a negative stigma attached to them for being cheap.

However, she makes the affordable clothes look more luxurious when paired with her stunning visuals. “Winter kind of makes me want to buy the first one lol,” a netizen writes.

| @aespa_official/Instagram

For less than $15, she looks stunning on a budget!

Winter proves that she has versatile fashion and occasionally rocks some designer pieces, including brands like Givenchy and Thom Browne.

| @aespafashion/Twitter

| @aespafashion/Twitter

However, she proves that even celebrities like to be practical sometimes…

| @aespa_official/Instagram

…and you don’t need to own only designer items to look amazing!