Aespa’s Winter Reveals Why She Was Concerned About Karina’s Solo Stage At The 2021 Seoul Music Awards

“It was very unsettling…”

Aespa‘s Winter expressed her concerns regarding Karina‘s solo stage at the 2021 Seoul Music Awards!

Winter and Karina| @aespa_official/ Twitter

On January 31, aespa attended the 2021 Seoul Music Awards, where they slayed the red carpet and their scheduled performances, and also snagged a rookie award!

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They performed their debut single “Black Mamba”, and their stage had an introductory solo performance by leader Karina!

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She performed a bit of the choreography from her “SYNK, KARINA” debut introduction video, and absolutely killed it!

In a recently released behind-the-scenes video, the girls can be seen returning to their dressing room after pre-recording their performance for “Black Mamba”.

Before going onstage, Karina revealed that they would be performing on a moving stage!

The stage is gonna shake, you know?


And when Winter came back from the stage, she cutely expressed her worries about Karina’s solo performance! As the stage had been slippery, she was concerned about Karina while watching her perform the powerful choreography!

Everyone, the pre-recording is done! The floor was so slippery… Karina was doing her solo performance, right? I saw her from below, and it was very unsettling…


After revealing her concerns, she made sure to reassure MYs that Karina still managed to deliver a safe, flawless performance nonetheless!

Of course, she did great.


The aespa members really look out for each other!

| @aespa_official/ Twitter

Watch their performance at the 2021 Seoul Music Awards here!

And you can watch Winter talk about the stage here!


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