“F*cking Handsomely Pretty” — aespa’s Winter Gains Attention For Her Insane Duality

She can pull off any concept.

Aespa‘s Winter has been on the rise lately with the group’s comeback song, “Spicy.” Despite her cute personality, she delivered stunning stage presence and expressions, causing her to go viral with each YouTube thumbnail.

What caught the hearts of many was her insane duality. Winter’s expressions help her pull off any concept! Here are some of her best looks over the years.

1. Badass

She rocked a slightly goth look for the concept photos for “Spicy.”

During her rookie days she looked straight out of a game.

With each comeback, she just gets even more badass.

Our favorite is her short black bob.

2. Fairylike

With her petite frame, Winter is often called a fairy.

During “Black Mamba,” she was one of the most popular members for her innocent charms.

She truly can rock any concept.

She was praised for her ability to digest any look and concept perfectly, matching herself to each performance.

Netizen reactions to Winter. | Nate Pann
  • Before “Spicy,” it felt like her “handsome side” and her “pretty side” existed separately but with this comeback, she’s handsomely pretty and it’s driving me crazy. She’s f*cking handsomely pretty.
  • Her face shape is pretty and she has Taeyeon vibes so she suits a variety of concepts.
  • She looks like a gangnam unnie who changes up her styling often.
  • Wow, the photo with the spiral earrings look really like a game character.

Rise, Winter!

Source: Nate Pann