Aespa Winter’s “Dreams Come True” After Finally Getting To Watch Harry Styles Perform Live

She’s been a longtime fan of his.

aespa‘s Winter is known to be a fan of Harry Styles, one of the most famous pop singers from the UK. The hit singer’s track “Watermelon Sugar” spread like wildfire in South Korea due to its catchy melody and easy lyrics.

Most fans would know by now that Winter is a huge fan of the singer. She has been naming him as a singer she loves since her debut.

During a live stream on the way to Coachella 2022, Winter couldn’t help but gush over how she was going to get to see him live. Harry Styles is one of the headliners for Coachella 2022, while aespa was invited to perform on Weekend 2 as part of 88rising‘s set.

I wanted to say that as everyone knows, Harry Styles will perform today. You guys know that I’m a huge fan of him, right? When did they say he’ll perform? Was it after 11… Finally…I’ll get to see him. Finally.

— Winter

The other members even congratulated her on her big opportunity. Winter was spotted sitting at the VIP lounge on her phone when the day rolled around, waiting for his set.

She went to watch him perform live soon after. According to fans, she left immediately after Harry’s set was over.

She certainly proved that she’s his biggest fan! We’re glad she got to have that moment at Coachella 2022. Now, fans are hoping that the two would have taken a photo together backstage.

After all, aespa already has hobnobbed with other stars such as Pink Sweat$ and Tori Kelly at Coachella!

aespa with Tori Kelly and Pink Sweat$. | @aespa_official/Twitter

Fingers crossed!