Aespa’s Winter Gains Attention For Her Gucci Airport Fashion As Fans Wonder Why She’s Not Yet An Ambassador

She has been spotted wearing a lot of Gucci recently.

Aespa’s Winter was spotted on June 7, 2023, wearing Gucci to the airport once again. As she left for New York with her members, Winter sported a white cargo skirt and black camisole. The cropped design showed off her slim frame.

She wore chunky platform heels to boost her height.

Winter carried a hobo bag that is from Gucci’s latest collection.

The ribbon straps added a cute and girly flair to the outfit.

The outfit costs north of $3659 USD total, with the hobo bag costing $2400 USD and the cotton cargo skirt costing $1250 USD.

| @01_winter08/Twitter

Winter is a perfect fit for the brand. Seeing her airport outfit, netizens couldn’t help but wonder why she has not been announced as an official ambassador.

| theqoo
  • So pretty. She suits her hair so well too.
  • Cute.
  • Minjeongie, I love you.
  • I wonder what contacts she uses, they’re pretty.
  • You’re saying she’s not an ambassador?? I thought she was one because she’s been wearing Gucci recently.
  • She’s really skinny.
  • If I see Winter, I click in as if I’m in a trance.
  • At this rate, Gucci must’ve put dibs on her… Minjeongie suits it.

Winter has been spotted decked in Gucci at many events recently. She wore a Gucci ball gown to the Chopard event in Cannes.

She also was invited to the Gucci cruise show held in Seoul in May 2023.

Winter has also modelled for the brand in magazine shoots.

All that we’re missing now is the official announcement!

Source: theqoo