Aespa’s Winter Gains Attention For Her “Handsome” Beauty

She even admitted it herself!

Many female idols are pretty, but not many can pull off the “handsome” look! Aespa‘s Winter is recently popping up on fans’ radars as the next handsome female idol.

Her cool and sexy poses teeter on the line between beautiful and handsome, and she’s well aware of her reputation.

Winter knows exactly how to show off this side of herself!

If I put my bangs to the side, I look feminine again. … [Putting my bangs down] is a bit boyish.

— Winter

| aespa/YouTube

She can effortlessly rock both her feminine and masculine side.

It’s hard not to fall for her charismatic stage presence…

…or totally cool expressions!

Regardless of how she chooses to describe her own visuals, it’s true that she’s undeniably stunning.

| aespa/YouTube

Watch her and the rest of aespa slay the “Next Level” jacket photoshoot below!