Aespa’s Winter Surprises Netizens With New Legendary Look Featuring High-Teen Fashion And Pigtails

This might be her new fan-favorite style!

Winter debuted a brand new look for aespa‘s recent performance at Hanyang University and netizens are falling head over heels for her new style.

With her baby blue crop top and white pleated skirt, she becomes the epitome of “high-teen” fashion.

Characterized by fashion from the early 2000s, often referred to as Y2K, the cute and trendy style is bringing back many of the trends fans grew up with.


Additionally, she added two high pigtails to complete the look and show off her gorgeous visuals!

Loving the return of her bright hair for the past few months, her new style suits her perfectly and gives her a fairy-like aura on stage, according to netizens.

  • “Woah, freaking pretty”
  • “Wow… Legend fairy”
  • “Sooo cute and prettyㅠ”
  • “Winter is totally a princessㅠㅠㅠ”

Let’s hope this iconic style is here to stay!

Source: theqoo


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