Aespa’s Winter Accused Of Shading Karina, Netizens Respond With Receipts

“What do you even get out of this?”

Fans defended Aespa’s Winter from accusations, claiming she was throwing shade at Karina.

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On June 9, a post titled “Winter Is Uncomfortable Because Of Karina’s First Pitch” went viral. The post has since been viewed over 139K times as of this writing.

In the post, the author uploaded a screenshot from a private messaging app. In the screenshot, Winter can be seen stating that something was bothering her.

I tried fixing my position, and it has gotten a little better, but I am still feeling uncomfortable.

— Winter

The author’s post then goes on to claim that Winter was uncomfortable with Karina throwing out the first pitch at a baseball game due to jealousy because she herself was a big fan of baseball.

She is making it known how uncomfortable she is after Karina’s first pitch wasn’t canceled after Winter kept saying how she is a fan of Clean Sweep (baseball show) and how much she wanted to throw a first pitch because she is from Busan (famous for baseball). But too bad you aren’t a popular member… You should hide your emotions, because this isn’t becoming of your age.

— Author

The post immediately sparked backlash from fans, who criticized the author for her ridiculous claim. Netizens then revealed receipts to further prove that Winter was absolutely not throwing shade at Karina.


I was going to Busan and there was a neck rest (on the train), right? Well the neck rest was super uncomfortable? I still don’t know how to position the neck rest for it to be comfortable. It’s always uncomfortable… The ride would have been better if the neck rest wasn’t there, but I had to ride with it since I couldn’t take it out. I tried fixing my position, and it has gotten a little better, but I am still feeling uncomfortable. This is hard.

— Winter

Netizens overwhelmingly refuted the netizen in the comments.

Screenshot 2024-06-10 at 3.40.42 PM

  • “I can’t believe you manipulated this (message).”
  • “This person should be reported to SM for malicious comments. Don’t you know that you this doesn’t disappear even if you delete it? You will eventually be found out and persecuted. Everyone should report this person as this has been maliciously manipulated.”
  • “I’m sick of people playing this down as telling. You guys are always doing too much, saying Winter is jealous of Karina and manipulating her words.”
  • “This reeks of manipulation.”
  • “You guys manipulated Winter’s words when the other member’s dating news went viral. I’m so sick of this.”
  • “You are evil, cutting out the rest of her message so that people would criticize her. She never even said she wanted to throw the first pitch. What do you even get out of this?”

What are your thoughts?

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