Aespa’s Winter Reveals Why Karina Would Mostly Sing Dua Lipa’s Songs While Training

Dua Lipa songs are perfect for Karina, and Winter revealed why!

Aespa‘s Karina recently revealed that Dua Lipa was her go-to artist to cover when it came to her trainee evaluations, and fellow member Winter revealed the reason behind it!

| @dualipa/Instagram

The group recently appeared on SEVENTEEN‘s 8 Bit Melody Challenge, where they hear a tune and try to guess the song and singer!

Soon, a tune was played, and Karina correctly guessed it as Dua Lipa’s “Break My Heart”!

With a sheepish grin, Karina revealed that she once sang this song for her monthly evaluation when she was a trainee, and hilariously apologized to her teacher for forgetting the lyrics!

Ah, this was my practice song though…I forgot all the lyrics. I’m sorry, teacher!


Winter then revealed that Karina sang a lot of Dua Lipa songs for her trainee evaluations, and shared that she mostly sang her songs because they were perfect for Karina’s low voice!

Karina’s voice is also really low, so I saw her do a lot of Dua Lipa songs to train.


Karina has a beautiful, full-sounding lower register, that is best displayed in aespa’s second single, “Forever”.

Listen to it here!

Source: Youtube