“We Used To Room Together” — aespa’s Winter Dishes On Her Close Relationship With LE SSERAFIM’s Yunjin

She confirmed Yunjin’s past status as an SM Entertainment trainee.

When LE SSERAFIM’s Yunjin filmed the “Spicy” challenge with aespa‘s Winter and NingNing, everyone rejoiced over the trio.

There were rumors of Yunjin once being a trainee at SM Entertainment, but no one knew the extent of it. After all, some trainees only go through an experiential period before officially signing an exclusive trainee contract with the company. It was only during a recent fansign that fans managed to confirm with the girls directly that Yunjin was indeed a full-blown trainee there.

During a fansign for aespa, a fan asked Winter about her relationship with Yunjin.

  • Fan: Minjeong-ah, you know, about LE SSERAFIM’s Yunjin…
  • Winter: Oh, yes!
  • Fan: Was she also an SM Entertainment trainee?
  • Winter: That’s right. We used to room together LOL with me and NingNing.
  • Fan: Oh, really? No wonder you guys looked close.

The fan also made sure to wish their friendship well, telling Winter that she hoped they would continue to be close. NingNing later confirmed the news through Dear. U Bubble.

NingNing’s Dear. U Bubble. | @ae_ingkko/Twitter
  • Today we ate at Inkigayo
  • while talking about the past.
  • We lived in the same dorm, with Minjeong (Winter) unnie too.

It seems like the girls all met up at Inkigayo to catch up over a meal. Hopefully, fans will get to see more of the iconic trio together!