Aespa’s Winter Rocks Long, Wavy Black Hair For The First Time Since Debut

She went viral for this.

Aespa‘s Winter has had quite a few hair transformations over the years. She first rocked onto the scene with long, wavy blond hair. This hair was maintained for her debut with “Black Mamba” and their follow-up with the sweet ballad, “Forever”

Later on, as the group made an impact with their comeback for “Next Level”, Winter rocked a sudden short bob with white blond highlights on the inside.

Occasionally, she would have extensions in for her secret two-tone hair.

| @aespa_official/Twitter

With the group’s latest release, “Savage”, Winter went for a blunt bob in natural black. The look made her look even more anime and AI-like than ever, paired with her large eyes and pale skin.

Now, for the first time since her debut, Winter was seen rocking long, wavy black hair. The new look sent fans going crazy as she became viral on Twitter.

The group performed at the 2021 World K-Pop Concert on November 14, 2021.

She looked like an absolute doll.

This is definitely one of our favorite looks on her.

She slayed the new hair!

One more because we can’t stop staring!

Netizens couldn’t help but agree with how gorgeous Winter looks.

| theqoo
  • “I like her long hair but her short hair is my taste.”
  • “F*cking pretty.”
  • “Isn’t she an angel?”
  • “Pretty.”
  • “So pretty.”
  • “Short hair is cute but long hair is f*cking gorgeous.”

Clips of her long hair are going viral all over Twitter.

Who can blame them with how gorgeous she looks?

Be sure to catch aespa’s performance below.

Source: theqoo