aespa’s Winter Makes A Surprising Revelation About Her Childhood Dream

Winter as a singer totally slays, but she could have been something completely different!

aespa‘s Winter revealed what her childhood dream was, and it might surprise you!

aespa recently uploaded new content to their YouTube channel, where they revealed tons of new facts about themselves!

They took turns answering questions about themselves, and when it was Winter’s turn, she revealed a surprising fact about herself!

When asked about her childhood dream, Winter revealed that being a singer was always on the table for her, but she also considered other careers…like becoming a soldier!

I wanted to be a singer since I was little. But I thought being a soldier was very attractive because many people in my family served in the military.

Same goes with my relatives. So I’ve been watching them since I was little, so naturally [I came to think that way?]…


Karina then hilariously chimed in with,

I can’t imagine Winter doing individual combat, with black paint on her face!


Watch Winter’s surprising revelation here from the 4:46 mark onwards!