Aespa’s Winter And Ningning Share Pre-Debut Dance Practice Photos That Have MYs Feeling Proud

Giselle and Karina, you’re up next!

Aespa took the world by storm with their 2020 debut “Black Mamba!” The groups impressed audiences with their unique AI concept, complex lore, addicting songs, and strong stage presence.

Left to right: Karina, Giselle, Winter, and Ningning.

Out of nowhere, Winter shared a pre-debut photo of her practicing “Black Mamba” in the dance studio!

Winter shared this pre-debut photo of her.

She’s seen doing the iconic drop move, and fans were raving about her intense stare, especially since her concept during “Black Mamba” seemed much softer.

Winter in the “Black Mamba” music video.

Some even said instead of a trainee, it looks more like “Next Level” Winter doing “Black Mamba” dance because of her striking gaze and aura!

Winter at the end of “Next Level.” 

Soon after, Ningning shared some photos of herself too!

Ningning shared this pre-debut photo of her.

Fans thought she looked so cute with her sweet smile and her brown hair tied up in pigtails.

This one had fans cracking up because of how blurry it is. Ningning’s sense of humor is so spot on!

All that training definitely paid off, as Ningning impressed everyone with her powerful vocal and dance performances.

Ningning performing “Black Mamba.” 

Giselle and Karina have yet to send their pre-debut shots, and MYs are hoping to see them sometime soon!