aespa Reveals Winter’s Wardrobe Malfunction In “Black Mamba” MV

“The director thought it was funny.”

During an interview, aespa was asked if they have any funny or memorable stories while filming the “Black Mamba” MV.

| @aespa_official/Twitter

Ningning revealed a funny story about Winter‘s wardrobe malfunction. The stylist chose to put a glove at the waist of Winter’s dress.

However, in the midst of performing the intense choreography, the glove soon became a nuisance as it slid from its original spot.

When she was dancing, she felt something falling on her leg.

— Ningning

Suddenly, the members realized everything could be seen from the monitor and was hilariously captured on camera.

So, when we looked at the monitor, we found out her glove was slowly falling and [you could see] there’s a glove under her skirt.

— Ningning

The person who thought it was the most hilarious was the director, who played it multiple times.

Usually, we only look at the monitor once, but the director thought it was funny and kept repeating that part.

— Ningning

The cutest part of it all was Winter’s adorable shy reaction!

Check out the full interview below.