The Never-Ending Parade Of aespa Winter’s Past Photos – But We’re Not Complaining, She’s Adorable

A natural beauty!

aespa Winter‘s past photos were previously revealed on online communities, and most of them were from her elementary school days. Recently, another alleged classmate of hers uploaded a few more photos from her middle and high school days. These photos totally reaffirm that she’s always been a cutie!

| pann

Her voluminous forehead and perfect, straight nose has always been present.

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She looks even more like actress Yoon So Hee when she was younger! Previously, netizens had claimed that she looks almost exactly alike to the actress. Coincidentally, Yoon So Hee made her debut under SM Entertainment‘s acting division as well.

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Winter’s been making a splash as one of the more popular members of rookie group aespa. Due to her outstanding singing ability, surprisingly funny character and of course, her elven looks, Winter has been named the “stan-attractor” of the group. Here’s to the cutie!

| @aespa_official/Twitter


Source: pann