Netizens’ Sharp Eyes Point Out And Criticize A Mistake Made By aespa’s Winter In Her Pre-Debut Photos

Their detective skills are no joke

aespa‘s Winter recently just made headlines for her new and adorable pre-debut photos. Unfortunately, those same photos are making headlines once again but this time, it is for a very different reason.

| SM Entertainment

Netizens and their detective skills are back at it again and this time, they found something in Winter’s past photos. They were quick to notice something peculiar about the newly released pre-debut photos of Winter. It wasn’t her face or her anything related to her looks but rather, the sign behind her head that caught the attention of everyone.

| Nate

In South Korea, the subways are known to have reserved seating for women who are pregnant. These seats are obvious due to the sign that says “pregnant women first” but also, some of the subways have contrasting pink colored seats compared to the normal blue seats.

| Tong

So when netizens saw the sign behind Winter’s head in the photos, they were quick to criticize her, saying that “she should’ve been smarter” or that “she should have known better.” However, many netizens also came to her defense, stating that “she was young” and “many others also sit in the reserved seats when there aren’t pregnant women around.” One netizen went as far as providing a screenshot of what Korail, the national railroad system in South Korea, had to say about the issue from a previous situation.

| Nate

There is a man sitting in the reserved seating for pregnant women on subway #311040.

— Netizen

To which Korail responded with:

If there are no pregnant women around, anyone is available to sit in the reserved seating.

— Korail

| @aespa_official/Twitter

So there you have it folks. While we may never know if there were any pregnant women around at the time of this photo, one thing that we do know for sure is that detective netizens are always finding something to criticize. Don’t fret Winter because aespa fans have your back.

Source: Insight, Nate and Twitter