Aespa’s Winter Proves Her Status As All-Rounder Visual Queen In Recent Social Media Update

Her skills are no joke.

Aespa‘s Winter proves her all-rounder status after a recent social media update shows she is a visual queen of many talents!

Aespa’s Winter | @aespapic/Twitter

Officially, Winter is the lead vocalist, lead dancer, and visual of aespa. Yet, there’s no denying she’s got what it takes to be her own solo all-rounder artist!

| @aespa_official/Twitter

On August 8, Winter spent some time chatting with MYs on Dear U. Bubble. She sent cute updates about her hair struggles…

…before suddenly blowing everyone’s minds in the evening with some impressive covers of Tori Kelly songs. With no warning.

Winter had fans deeply impressed, despite the fact that aespa has gained praise for their live vocals before, most notably at this year’s Coachella.

But that wasn’t everything Winter had in store for fans. As it turns out, she had a special surprise planned in the form of her first dance video!

The video immediately caught everyone’s attention. One, because Winter seemed to imply that it was a preview for something, which instantly had MYs suspicious…

…and two, because the choreography looks much like Bada Lee‘s, who is a legendary choreographer in the K-Pop industry.

Fans were quick to note the dynamism in Winter’s dancing, leaving everyone with no doubt that she’s a true all-rounder.

After all, her final update of the night showed her natural visuals are also no joke!

Winter was on a mission that evening, and it’s safe to say she achieved it!