Aespa Gain Praise For Their Incredible Live Vocals At Coachella 2022

They easily proved they are true vocal queens.

The members of aespa have been receiving plenty of praise following their performance at Coachella 2022. They not only proved that they have the best stage presence, but they also rightfully earned plenty of praise for their incredible live vocals. They belted out high notes like it was nothing and never missed a beat!

| Ivan Meneses/R&CPMK

Aespa have been setting records since their debut, and their performance at Coachella was no exception. The members’ debut in Coachella was one of the highlights of the festival’s second weekend!

According to fans who were there, aespa’s performance energized the initially waning crowd, which soon grew in number and began cheering loudly for the group as they opened with their song “aenergy.”

But it is aespa’s vocals that has captured everyone’s attention because the members not only danced through 3 songs, but they did it while singing fully live. While prerecorded vocals are often necessary to preserve artists’ voice through their grueling schedules, aespa defied expectations by performing their entire set list at Coachella live.

And they did it so well! Considering the fact that 3 out 4 songs on the set list include a dance choreography, and considering the difficulty of the songs themselves, aespa’s vocals truly impressed!

And when the group performed their previously unreleased song, “Life’s Too Short,” their harmonizing went on another level altogether.

In fact, even fans were impressed with how well they sounded, despite knowing full well already that the members are amazing vocalists.

This may have been aespa’s first performance in front of such a large crowd, but their impeccable vocals and stage presence proved they are dedicated professionals.

In fact, though some doubt was cast on the quality of their vocals, fans and audience members were quick to prove that aespa’s vocal performance was truly live…

…and not only that, but it was outstanding too. So much so, that they have earned the title of outstanding live vocalists.

Congratulations to aespa for absolutely smashing their Coachella debut and proving their status as worthy vocalists. This group of talented artists proved why they are main stage performers!