Aespa’s Winter Shocks The Members With How Quickly She Figures Out The Reason Behind Ningning’s Nickname

The reason is so simple yet so genius!

Aespa‘s Winter quickly figured out the reason behind one of Ningning‘s nicknames and left the members shook!

aespa’s Winter | @aespa_official/Instagram

The aespa members recently did an interview with Billboard during which they answered questions related to their Savage album, their favorite “Next Level” covers, and more.

| Billboard/YouTube

During the interview, the members were also asked which nicknames they liked best.

Winter said she likes the nickname Gyeoul (the Korean word for winter) because it’s simple and easy on the ears.

Karina said she likes being called Rina.

Giselle sahd she likes when fans call her Jigu Jelly (earth-shaped gummies) because she actually likes eating them.

Winter said she likes when fans call Ningning Ig Ig, but the aespa members couldn’t figure out where the nickname came from. Both Ningning and Winter asked fans to leave comments on the video explaining what the nickname means.

Although she was confused by the nickname at first, Winter suddenly had a realization about what the nickname meant and screamed excitedly.

Winter realized that the nickname is based on how Ningning’s name is spelled in Korean. When you flip the syllables of her name over, her name changes from Ningning to Ig Ig.

The members were shocked by how quickly Winter figured out the nickname’s meaning.

Looks like Winter’s just as genius off stage as she is on stage!

Check out the full interview below.