Aespa’s Winter Spills On Styling Her Viral “Step Back” Look Herself For SMTOWN LIVE 2022

She is a woman of many talents.

Aespa‘s Winter went viral for her unreal visuals in GOT the Beat‘s “Step Back” performance at SMTOWN LIVE 2022, garnering lots of praise for her gorgeous stage fit.

Aespa’s Winter

Winter rocked many outfits during the concert, all of which did full justice to her natural visuals.

But none seemed to be able to hold a candle to the outfit she wore for “Step Back.”

She had all eyes on her from the moment she came onstage, despite the fact that she was among some of SM Entertainment‘s biggest legends.

The outfit became an instant fan favorite, with fans praising her goddess-level visuals in it.

So much so, that a clip from a fancam went viral big-time after the concert, despite it being only 2 seconds long.

As it turns out, the person MYs have to thank for this viral look is none other than Winter herself. In a recent fancall, a fan asked Winter about the outfit, and much to MYs’ delight, Winter revealed that she had styled it herself. She had been unable to take a selfie in it, but she plans to do so at the next SMTOWN LIVE concert in Japan.

Fans were left feeling extremely proud of her, especially seeing as this is not the first time she styles her own outfit.

Many agreed that, while she looks good in just about anything, it’s a whole other thing when she styles herself. Plus, it proves she’s got considerable talents beyond her idol occupation!

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