The One Clip From SMTOWN LIVE 2022 That Has aespa’s Winter Going Viral For Her Insane Visuals

This Winter was on a whole other level.

It seems like not one event goes by without aespa going viral for their visuals, and SMTOWN LIVE 2022 was no exception for Winter.


She and her members took the stage by storm with their powerful performance. They may be SM Entertainment‘s maknae

…but they stand out as icons in their own right, even among the company’s many legendary artists! Giselle, for one, received much praise for her admirable professionalism during her performance with NCT‘s Taeyong, Jeno, YangYang, and Hendery.

NCT and aespa’s Giselle performing “ZOO” at “SMTOWN LIVE 2022”

Yet, it’s clear that it’s not just fans who dote on aespa—it’s also SM Entertainment artists themselves! Karina shared an adorable moment with Girls’ Generation‘s Taeyeon, with whom she collaborated in GOT the Beat, while Winter had her own cute moment with Red Velvet‘s Yeri.

Consisting of members of aespa, Girls’ Generation, Red Velvet, and BoA, GOT the Beat gained plenty of attention upon their debut in January with the song “Step Back.” Their performance at SMTOWN LIVE was naturally highly anticipated, and they delivered. In fact, Winter instantly went viral!

She already had pretty much all eyes on her from the moment aespa arrived at the venue…

…but there was still so much more to come. Winter had several different outfits throughout the night, and she served major looks in every single one.

Yet, the fan-favorite appears to have hands-down been Winter’s “Step Back” look. With a gorgeous headpiece reminiscent of Taeyeon’s in “INVU”…

…Winter had everyone simping after her from the moment she came onstage.

Despite the fact that she was among some of the most legendary visuals in the industry, no one could stop gushing about Winter in the “Step Back” stage.

It’s no surprise then, that when Winter chose to fatally wink at the camera mid-performance, the clip instantly went viral!

Winter is already known as one of the iconic visuals of her generation, but she has once again proved that “GOT Winter” is on a whole other level. After all, her “Step Back” fancam was the number 1 most viewed female fancam of 2022 as of July!

Watch more of her fancam from SMTOWN LIVE on the link below.