Aespa’s Karina And Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon Share A Cute Moment At SMTOWN LIVE 2022

We love to see it!

Recently, SM Entertainment artists gathered together for a SMTOWN LIVE concert in Suwon, making SM multi-stans dreams come true. This was a meaningful event as it was the first time in five years that this concert took place in Korea as well as having all eight members of Girls’ Generation perform together.

One moment in particular gained much attention on online community boards with Girls’ Generation Taeyeon and aespa’s Karina. To Karina, Taeyeon is a total girl group legend and a senior in the K-Pop industry. During the ending, fans saw Karina debating whether or not to hold Taeyeon’s hand while bowing.

If you watch closely, you can see that Karina shyly tries to hold Taeyeon’s hand, but as soon as she does, Taeyeon grabs tightly, giving off total girl crush vibes!

If you watch it again in slow motion, you can see how happy Karina is as Taeyeon grabs ahold of her hand. Just look at that smile!

Netizens found their interaction to be so cute and loved seeing SM seniors and juniors having good relationships with one another.

  • “Both of them are so cute!”
  • “So cute, I would have wanted to hold hands with Taeyeon too!”
  • “Congrats to Karina for being a fan that succeeded in meeting her idol!”
  • “I love how Karina is so cautious while Taeyeon is a total girl crush.”
Source: theqoo