Aespa’s Winter Reportedly Undergoes Surgery For A Collapsed Lung

Get well soon, Winter.

Aespa‘s Winter reportedly recently underwent surgery for a collapsed lung.

According to an exclusive report from Tenasia, Winter is currently recovering from surgery for pneumothorax (collapsed lung) at a hospital in Seoul. She underwent the surgery on April 11. Pneumothorax is when air leaks into the space between one’s lung and chest wall. The pressure of the air then pushes on the lung and can either partially or fully collapse the lung.

Winter recently carried out her schedule in Japan prior to her surgery, appearing on the Japanese music show Venue 101. Pneumothorax surgery usually requires two to three days of hospitalization following the surgery and up to two months of recovery time for a full recovery. However, Aespa is scheduled to make their comeback in May and begin their world tour in June.

SM Entertainment has not yet commented on Tenasia’s report.

Source: Tenasia


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