Aespa’s Winter Goes Viral For Her Beauty In Unedited Photos On The Cannes Red Carpet

She doesn’t need any filter or photoshop.

Girl group aespa recently attended the 76th Cannes Film Festival. The girls walked the red carpet like queens, decked out in Chopard jewels and ball gowns.

All the girls looked gorgeous, with each dress and makeup accentuating their individual charms. While Giselle served sexy, Karina‘s was elegant. NingNing was bold and fun, while Winter went for a more innocent look.

She wore blue jewels to match the white dress.

Her hair was given a trendy twist to keep the look young but chic, with the ends splaying out.

The dress also had cut-out details at the waist, giving an edge to the ruffled style.

She looked like an absolute movie star.

It is no wonder that her fansites traveled all the way down to Europe to witness her first Cannes red carpet.

She made it worthwhile by shooting them knowing gazes.

The photos looked straight out of a movie.

A post detailing her look went viral with over 60,000 views in just one night.

Netizens were in full approval of her Cannes debut look.

Winter looked just like a princess! Given that the photos were all from fansite previews, they are untouched and unedited! Winter doesn’t need any photoshop or filters for sure.

Netizens’ reactions. | theqoo
  • She’s a princess, a princess.
  • She’s just like a princess.
  • F*cking pretty. The dress is pretty too.
  • Princess…
  • Insane, she’s so cute.
  • Ah, she’s so pretty.
  • They drew her eyeliner super well.
  • She’s so charming.

Kudos to her hair, makeup and styling team for making her look like a million bucks!

Source: theqoo


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