aespa’s Winter Reveals What She’s Always Wanted To Do When She Turned 20 Years Old

She’s 20 now, but it still hasn’t happened yet.

The new power rookies, aespa recently made a radio appearance on SBS‘s Kim Young Chul’s Power FM where they chatted about their personal lives as well as their career.

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Meanwhile, Kim Young Chul couldn’t help but express his surprise at Winter‘s unique resident registration number.

It turns out that Winter’s birthday is January 1, 2001, making the first digits of her registration number “010101”.

Something about that seems special.

— Kim Young Chul

What gained particular interest was when Winter spoke up about her feelings of being 20 years old.

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She even revealed what she has always wanted to do when she turned 20.

I wanted to raise a dog when I turned 20. I’ve always loved dogs since I was little.

— Winter

But due to her career choice and timing, Winter shared that that has yet to happen.

But I’m still living in a dorm, so I still haven’t been able to do that.

— Winter

Considering the massive success of aespa’s debut, perhaps she can fulfill her wish soon enough.

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Watch aespa’s full interview below:

Source: Dispatch