Aespa’s Karina Reveals Giselle Sleeping Habit And It’s Actually Pretty Cool

Giselle is even cool in her sleep!

On the May 18 broadcast of MBC FM4U‘s Good Morning FM It’s Jang Sung Kyu, the talented members of aespa sat down with Jang Sung Kyu and discussed their newest single “Next Level” as well as living with one another.

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Before the members talked about their latest single, the girls shared their experiences living with one another. Like many K-Pop groups, Karina explained that she and her fellow members all live in one dorm together and divide the rooms.

The rooms are seperated among the unnies, me and Giselle, and the younger two, Ningning and Winter. The unnies are scaredy cats so we’re the type of people who like to ride on the safest seat of on a roller coaster.

— Karina

On the topic of their dorm life, Karina also exposed one of Giselle’s sleeping habits and it’s actually a pretty cool one!

Giselle sleep talks in French. After speaking in French for a worldview video, I was surprised when I heared her sleep talk in French. I think she’s mastered four languages now.”

— Karina

As many know, Giselle speaks several languages! Following Karina’s comment on Giselle’s sleep talking, Giselle was asked how she was able to become fluent in several languages.

I speak four languages, including Japanese, Korean, English and French. A tip for learning languages is just to surround yourself time with people (who speak the language). Or watch a lot of movies.

— Giselle

Source: Sports Chosun


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