Afghan ARMYs Reveal They’ve Had To Hide Or Burn BTS Albums Due To The Taliban 

What are your thoughts on the situation?

Recently JTBC News reported on the stories of teenage girls in Afghanistan who are fearing for their lives due to the Taliban. They interviewed several residents of Kabul regarding their situation.

Resident A stated, “I was so scared and surprised that the Taliban came. I was terrified to hear that the Taliban were kidnapping girls. Ever since the Taliban took over, I have been staying at home.” They stated that they even had to be cautious just looking out the window. Resident A continued, “I can no longer hear the music I heard on the streets before the Taliban took over. I only hear the strange music of the Taliban all day long.”

Another 18-year old student commented, “Our situation forces us to burn or hide our BTS photos and albums.” In the past, the Taliban did not allow people to listen to mainstream music.

The girls pleaded that the world do more than just keep an eye out on the situation. Resident A stated, “Everyone is watching us die. I hope that the international community will not leave Afghanistan alone in this.”

Source: jtbc


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