BJ Lee Chi Hoon Reportedly Died Because He Didn’t Get Treatment In Time Due To The Coronavirus

He could’ve been treated properly.

Lee Chi Hoon, an AfreecaTV BJ who had also appeared on Allzzang Generation, had passed away due to lymphadenitis (infection of lymph nodes). He had previously announced that he’s been too weak to even hold a mouse. He had hoped it wasn’t the coronavirus.

I’ve been in and out of the hospital due to lymphadenitis for the past two days, but today I’ve also gotten severe body aches.

I hope it’s not coronavirus.

I don’t even have strength to hold a mouse, so I am leaving a notice through mobile. It’s a very difficult time for everyone, so hang in there…!

— Lee Chi Hoon

A couple days after his post, Lee Chi Hoon was rushed to the emergency room as his illness worsened. But when they got to the hospital, he had to be tested for COVID-19 first as per hospital protocol.

His close friend and BJ, Seya, revealed that Lee Chi Hoon died because he wasn’t treated in time, all because he had to be tested for the coronavirus first.

[Lee Chi Hoon] had body aches so he went to the emergency room but he had to get tested for COVID-19, and they missed the window period for proper treatment.

He was such a kind friend.

— Seya

Lee Chi Hoon needed treatment as soon as he arrived at the hospital but because he was getting test first, he missed the treatment time frame, and his symptoms got worse. He passed away soon after he was admitted.

May he rest in peace.

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